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Grinnell College Immersive Experiences Lab Exploring new ways to approach the liberal arts @GrinnellCollege through 3D, VR, and AR technologies.

Advisory committee

The GCIEL advisory committee consists of faculty, students and staff at Grinnell College who are outside experts in their respective fields and who advise the lab on how immersive 3D, VR, and MR environments can complement teaching and scholarship in these fields. Members of the committee provide strategic vision for integrating these immersive environments into liberal arts curricula, advise on hardware and software purchases for the lab, advocate for the lab and its activity in the college community, and assist in exploring funding and grant opportunities for the lab.

Tina Iyer Elfenbein, JD
Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Office of Admission | (641) 269-3612

Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Associate Professor
Department Chair of Art and Art History | (641) 269-4763

Dr. Damian Kelty-Stephen
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department | (641) 269-9525

Dr. Jonathan Larson
Associate Director of Off-Campus Study, Instructor of Anthropology
Institute for Global Engagement | (641) 269-4718

Dr. Elaine Marzluff
Department Chair of Chemistry | (641) 269-4314

Dr. Mirzam C. Pérez
Associate Professor
Spanish Department | (641) 269-4290

Dr. Sarah Purcell
Professor of History
History Department | (641) 269-3091

Dr. Ralph Savarese
Department Chair of English | (641) 269-3109

Dr. Jerod Weinman
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science | (641) 269-9812

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