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Student dev team members


Hello! My name is Caelin Bryant and I’m a fourth-year computer science and studio art double  major. Previously, I worked as a Vivero fellow and alongside Jordan Brooks to begin developing  the digital framework for the Black Cultural Center. When I started my work at Vivero, that was the  beginning of my interest in digital humanities and the abilities to use two very different skills  (computer science and art), to create something incredible. When I heard about the opportunity to be able to work as a 3D artist for the Meaning in Movement project, I was extremely excited to be able to begin working. I’m eager to begin working my team and learning the software that is needed to create a beautiful, functional virtual reality experience.


Hello! My name is Zoe Cui and I am a third year computer science major. I am interested in visual effects, virtual reality and game design. I enjoy creating as well as experiencing fictional worlds as an escape from everyday life. I have also been teaching myself how to use Unity and how to program in C#. Therefore, it is very exciting for me to be able to apply my skills to a collaborative virtual reality project that serves as an experimental method of aiding professors in their classrooms. I am looking forward to both providing and gaining valuable perspectives as a software developer for the Viking mead hall project in GCIEL.

Hi Everybody! I am Liam Li and I am a third-year computer science major. I love all sorts of cool stuff related to computer science and engineering, from mobile app development to automation control, and from game design to virtual reality. I’ve been working at Grinnell AppDev team as a software developer and I am also the co-founder of Grinnell Automated Drone Club. Now joining GCIEL, I am very looking forward to working with Prof. French and other team members on the Mathematical Museum project and making changes on how people will learn math.

Sam Nakahira is a third-year History major with a concentration in American Studies. She enjoys research and looks forward to learning more about the digital humanities and how it can be used to help present research, enrich the learning experience, and allow for collaboration across disciplines.  She is researching a Louisiana sugar plantation and is fascinated with its cultural history.  In addition, Sam hopes to incorporate the digital humanities in her own research as a Mellon Mays fellow.

Hi there! My name is Rachel Swoap, and I will be the 3D Artist for the Uncle Sam project. I am double majoring in Computer Science and Studio Art, which is why creating a Virtual Reality experience felt like the perfect opportunity for me to explore. This past semester I was the Graphic Designer for an Artificial Intelligence tutoring game, doing research for a visiting Computer Science Professor. Summer of 2017 I am working at a company in Boston creating websites, focusing specifically on User Experience. I am quite passionate about Art and Computer Science, and plan on exploring both fields more. Here is a link to my online portfolio, so you can see a glimpse of the kind of artwork I create:

Hello! I’m Hongyuan Zhang, a third-year math major with a concentration in stats. I’m also 5/8 of a CS major, because I’ve taken 5 CS courses, including the one that I’m taking this semester (8 make you a CS major). I was excited when I found about GCIEL and Professor French’s Mathematical Museum project! This is where I can use my coding skills to help people learn math. I’m interested in digital liberal arts in general; I was a Vivero Student Fellow ( before joining GCIEL. I worked with Professor Kulstad to build an online archive for instructors who teach anthropology of disasters.

Hey there! My name is Mike Zou, and I’m a fourth year Computer Science major with a tremendous passion in visual arts. I love applying technology in creative fields and explore the art of storytelling along the way. Virtual Reality is apparently one of the technologies I’m the most excited about as it frees up the minds of visual artists and enables storytellers to craft experiences much more immersive and expressive. With my technical skills of coding and designing software, I will bring alive the static 3D scenes and objects by architecting interactive experiences whereby our players can view history through a different lens. If you share the same interest, you can find out more about me and my projects at Let’s dive into this wondrous virtual world. Are you Ready, Player One?


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