Current Students

These students constitute the current community of inquire and practice that is moving immersive 360° storytelling, 3D scanning, and extended reality (XR) experiences forward at Grinnell College:

Class of 2027

Niles Bond, Undeclared (Websites forthcoming).
Regann Fishell, Undeclared (Websites forthcoming).
Paden Houck, Computer Science (

Class of 2026

Shabab Kabir, Quantum Information Science (LinkedIn).
Henry Loomis, Studio Art (Staff Page, The Scarlet and Black).

Class of 2025

Haobo Chen, Computer Science (LinkedIn).
Patrick Anderson Sales Garcia, Computer Science (LinkedIn).
Raj Jhanwar, Computer Science (LinkedIn).
Quang Le, Computer Science (LinkedIn).
Pyait Myat, Computer Science (LinkedIn).
Wayne (Kelton) Watts, Mathematics/Computer Science (LinkedIn).

Class of 2024

Shreyas Agrawal, Computer Science, Statistics (LinkedIn | GitHub).
Megan Bernacchi, Computer Science/German (LinkedIn).
Ian Brown, Computer Science/Economics (LinkedIn).
Rajvardhan Jhanwar, Computer Science/Mathematics/Statistics/Global Development Studies (Personal Webpage).
Nandika Jhunjhunwala, Computer Science/Economics (LinkedIn).
Brian Prussman, French/Linguistics/Education (LinkedIn).
Oscar Scherer, Computer Science (LinkedIn | GitHub).
Brian Sung, Computer Science (GitHub).
Joshua Sutton, Computer Science (LinkedIn).
Simon Taye, Computer Science/Mathematics (LinkedIn | GitHub).
Ethan Yuen, Computer Science (LinkedIn).
Moiz Yousufi, Computer Science/Mathematics (LinkedIn | GitHub).
Zitan Wang, Computer Science (GitHub).
Keiichiro Watanabe, Computer Science (LinkedIn).

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