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Grinnell College Immersive Experiences Lab Exploring new ways to approach the liberal arts @GrinnellCollege through 3D, VR, and AR technologies.

Lab equipment

The student dev team workspace has a Dell Precision Tower 5810 (Intel Xeon Processor E5-1650 and NVIDIA Quadro M5000 8GB GPU) and two Dell 24 monitors with a QHD 23.8-Inch screen. The attached Wacom Cintiq 22HD USB graphics tablet allows the 3D Artist to create art resources with a stylus instead of with a computer mouse. The Oculus Rift can be used both to experience and create immersive environments. Software installed on the workstation includes Blender, GIMP, Audacity, Inkscape, Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate (3ds Max), Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop and Illustrator), FRAPS, Camtasia, and Unity Pro. Students in the dev team have access to Unity Bundled Certified Developer Courseware and Certification and Autodesk 3ds Max Certified User Training and Exam.

Other lab equipment includes a MakerBot Replicator, an Ultimaker Extended 2, and  six Ricoh Theta S cameras with Smatree tripods. Students from the Grinnell College Virtual Reality (GCVR) organization have loaned their custom-built VR rig and HTC Vive to the GCIEL.

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